Population growth and urbanisation are stretching the capacity of existing transport networks like never before. Governments and businesses must continue to invest in and develop infrastructure across rail, road, air and sea that will meet the demands of future generations and secure our future economic prosperity.

Working across all transport areas, our team are renowned for leading the way in innovation and procurement across greenfield and brownfield transport infrastructure deliveries. Our experience has seen us preparing a vast portfolio of strategic and business case budgets for capital expenditure and tenders for civil contractors across all areas; from tunnels, roads and bridges through to rail, aviation and maritime projects.

Recent Projects

Gold Coast Rapid Transit: A 12km light rail system connecting the University Hospital at Parklands Drive to Broadbeach, passing through Surfers Paradise and crossing Smith Street and the Nerang River on major bridge structures.

Aurizon GAP Project: The project to connect the Goonyella and Newlands Coal rail systems is one of the largest railway projects in the history of Queensland, delivering the 69km Northern Missing Link new rail corridor and upgrade to the existing Newlands system in order to double the capacity of coal that can be railed to the Port of Abbot Point for export to 50mtpa.

BaT Tunnel: A railway and busway in a single, 15 metre-wide tunnel stretching from Dutton Park to Victoria Park at Herston in North Brisbane, including 3 new underground stations.

Perth Airport Terminal 1:  Domestic pier and international departures expansion, which is the largest component of the airport’s $750 million redevelopment.

Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail: A new track combined with upgrades to existing track infrastructure and structures over 1,721km to enable the movement of larger freight volumes between the major cities on Australia’s east coast.

South Road Superway Project: Stage two of the north-south transport corridor upgrade to deliver a 4.8 kilometre non-stop corridor, comprising of a 2.8 kilometre elevated roadway, from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

Sydney Rapid Transit: This project will increase the capacity of the rail network feeding the CBD, linking the Sydney Metro Northwest to the CBD and extending the Rapid Transit Network to Bankstown Station through Western Extension (SRF stage 5).