Water & Waste Management

Investment in the water supply industry ebbs and flows with the unpredictable trends of rainfall and water availability, whilst investment in sewerage and drainage is dictated by more predictable variables such as population growth. Both areas face significant challenges as the industry seeks to secure and deliver a sustainable water supply and provide effective waste management infrastructure for major population centres and industry.

Our team offer expertise across all areas of asset creation, optimisation and management, providing cost, time and outcome orientated solutions that support the successful delivery of water and waste management projects.

Recent Projects

Adelaide Desalination Plant Asset Register: A part of the South Australian Government’s ‘Water for Good Strategy’ that will ensure a reliable drinking water supply to meet population demands now and into the future.

Black Rock Recycled Water Plant: The new Black Rock Recycled Water Plant will treat domestic sewage from the Geelong, Bellarine and Torquay catchments, providing high quality recycled water for water sensitive urban development, industry, agriculture, and community recreational facilities.