Melbourne PPP team supports award winning project

The High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) project has been awarded the Best Transit Project at the 2017 Partnerships Award in London.

Part of the Victorian government’s vision for a world-class transport system, the project will see the design and construction of 65 metro trains for use on the Cranbourne Pakenham and Sunbury lines, a state-of-the-art depot at Pakenham East and a light service facility in Calder Park. With the population in Melbourne forecast to increase to 6 million by 2031, the project is designed to aid public transport with supporting this growth.

Our Public Private Partnership (PPP) team in Melbourne were an integral part of the project, having spent the past two years working closely with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). The team provided cost and risk services as inputs to the Public Sector Comparator and were part of the evaluation process; which resulted in the preferred respondent being selected in 2016.

DEDJTR’s project team noted that they “were pleased with the professionalism shown by your team at all stages of the process”.

“Your advice was always considered and forthright and provided in time to meet the demands of this project.”

The first high capacity train will be delivered for testing by late 2018, with the project expected to be completed in full in time for the opening of the Metro Tunnel in 2026.

For more information on the High Capacity Metro Trains Project, click here.

Image courtesy of Evolution Rail