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Alex Wong, Associate Director - Project Planning & Controls

Alex Wong is a key member of our elite team and Associate Director in Project Planning and Controls services with an analytical outlook and clear vision of success.

With over 25 years of experience in the management and delivery of large scale multi-disciplinary projects, Alex has managed projects at Energy Australia, Transport for NSW, and undertaken a number of other hands-on engineering roles. As a persuasive negotiator comfortable with resolving complex disputes and leading diverse teams, Alex offers out of the box solutions to every day challenges.

Equipped with a Masters in Project Management, and worldly experience across Australia and Asia, Alex brings a wealth of new ideas to our business; focused on delivering new forms of excellence by transforming old methods and procedures with new ideas. In his role as an Associate Director, Alex leads from behind; encouraging the team to safely explore their way towards achieving success.

In collaboration with industry leaders, Alex tackles complications head-on to achieve critical reductions in risk; steering stakeholders and staff towards their project goals with ease. By simplifying complex challenges and predicting possibilities with pinpoint accuracy, Alex applies diligence and practicality to lead his projects with a stellar performance that exceeds client expectations every time.