Privacy Policy

  • We know that you will be concerned about your privacy in terms of the type of information we collect when you visit our website and what we do with it once we have it. This statement outlines exactly what to expect.

    • If you have any further questions about how we collect and use you personal data:

      Contact us

    When you visit our website, you can get in touch with us by clicking on an email link and sending us an email from your default email account.

    When you do this we will collect:

    • The content of the email that you send us, including any personal contact information it contains and the specifics of your enquiry
    • The content of the electronic form that you submit, including personal contact information, work history and any documents that you attach to your submission.

    The contact details we gather will only be used to get in touch with you regarding your enquiry. They will not be added to any mailing lists or disclosed to any other party without your knowledge and consent.

    Finally, whenever and however you use our website we will be collecting a range of technical data including your IP address, device type and other metadata. This data will be gathered by Google Analytics; it helps us better understand how people are using our website so that we can make improvements to the site for the benefit of our visitors in the future.