Adelaide Desalination Plant Asset Register

The Adelaide Desalination Plant (ADP) at Lonsdale is part of the South Australian Government’s ‘Water for Good Strategy’ that will ensure a reliable drinking water supply to meet population demands now and into the future. The ADP has the capacity to deliver up to 100GL of water each year – approximately half of Adelaide’s annual water supply requirements.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged to provide a valuation of assets acquired by SA Water, and align to their accounting work breakdown structure. As part of this project, we identified, quantified and priced all assets associated with the desalination plant and identified a typical life expectancy of the components. This enabled the assets to be depreciated through a Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost (DORC) and an Optimised Replacement Cost (ORC) in line with SA Water’s internal asset management plans.


Componentisation and Asset Valuation, Budget and Detailed Capital and Operational Estimating, Early Works Package Tender Estimating, Tender Review and Analysis, Defect Assessment and Onsite Progress Reporting.

The outcome

Aquenta provided detail for full replacement and repair costs and depreciation calculations. Quantities were captured for Preliminary works, SA Power Network’s substation, Transfer system, Happy Valley Water Treatment Plant modifications and ADP Separable Portions 1&2. Quantities were assigned a value in accordance with SA Water’s accounting policies. These defined asset values and life expectancies will enable future replacement cost calculation and allow for further life cycle costing of components and depreciation calculations.

Image courtesy of SA Water