AFS Systems Wall Measurement

AFS Systems has been supplying the construction industry with innovative, proprietary, permanent formwork walling solutions for 20 years through its LOGICWALL® and REDIWALL® systems. These versatile permanent formwork systems are ideal for use in a broad range of construction projects including multi-storey residential projects, mixed use developments and educational institutions. They offer ease of materials handling coupled with overall speed of construction which significantly contributes to both reduced construction costs and overall project delivery timings.

Our involvement

Aquenta was originally engaged in 2012 by AFS Systems to comprise detailed and precise Bill of Quantities on a small number of construction projects and is now successfully fulfilling over 100 projects a year. In addition to providing a precise Bill of Quantities, the team also implemented a separate three part reporting process on each individual project which comprises a project summary, a detailed project breakdown followed by a measured mark-up. Aquenta also carry out initial detailed measures but complete revisions in conjunction with building design change as per client requests.


Bill of Quantities preparation and peer review.

The outcome

Aquenta has continued to receive a steady increase in work orders since 2012.

Image courtesy of AFS Systems Pty Ltd