Black Rock Recycled Water Plant

The new Black Rock Recycled Water Plant will treat domestic sewage from the Geelong, Bellarine and Torquay catchments, providing high quality recycled water for water sensitive urban development, industry, agriculture, and community recreational facilities. The plant will supply Class A and high quality Class C recycled water for a wide range of customers, including residential users, in a first for the Geelong region. The plant is part of Barwon Water’s plan for sustainable water management and forms part of a broader strategy to increase recycled water use and reduce discharge to ocean outfalls.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged to provide Independent Estimating Services including a review of the tender process and award, comparison of cost estimate with tendered work packages and a fixed price review report, and a financial risk assessment to determine Barwon Water’s maximum risk exposure for the project.


Independent Estimating Services, Financial Risk Assessment.

The outcome

The project is in commissioning phase. Aquenta’s engagement has been completed.