Cuisinier to Cook Oil Pipeline & Dewatering Facility

The Cuisinier field is located in South West Queensland, approximately 8 km from the Cook Oil Facility. Crude oil produced from the Cuisinier field is currently processed through a relocatable production facility and trucked 150km to Jackson. Future drilling campaigns will extend and increase the field’s production volume and crude oil transportation costs would be significantly reduced by the construction of a pipeline from Cuisinier to the Cook Facility.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged by Santos to produce a class 3 estimate for the capital costs associated with the Cuisinier field upgrade works including the 7.5Km DN100 GRE pipeline to the Cook facility and dewatering facility.


Cost estimating.

The outcome

Our team successfully delivered a class 3 capital cost estimate in line with the client’s requirements. The estimate was a fully referenced, detailed estimate broken down by discipline and covered design, construction, commissioning and owner’s costs.

The estimate was included in the presentation to the concept gate review panel for management approval to proceed with further design definition of the project.