Griffith University Room Assessment Methodology

As part of Griffith University’s Strategic Asset Management Planning, the University regularly undertakes a review of the buildings and infrastructure on all campuses to ensure that the facilities are fit for their current purpose and that they will meet the future strategic needs of the University for teaching, learning and research.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged to develop a Room Assessment Methodology, prepare a Manual for Conducting Room Assessments and train University Facilities Management Staff to undertake the assessments.


Room assessment methodology, room assessment manual, training workshop.

The outcome

The Manual sets down guidelines for completing Room Assessments in the buildings which the University owns and occupies, and the processes for inputting the available data and the outcomes of the assessments into the University’s databases for use in planning and operational situations.

These Room Assessments feed into the Maintenance Plan and, together with Space Planning and Utilisation Data, Capital Planning and Site Planning Data, and proposals for the expansion or contraction of the building stock, comprise the core of the Strategic Asset Management Plan for the University.  These assessments are at the core of determining funding needs for facilities to meet the University’s Strategic Objectives.