GLNG Plant

The project construction was to facilitate the production of natural gas from Queensland’s coal seams and convert it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) for sale to world markets. This involved the development of gas fields in the Surat basin (QLD), 420km gas transmission pipeline and the construction of an LNG liquefaction process facility on Curtis Island.

Our involvement

Aquenta provided a dedicated audit team to assist the client with clarification of the contract requirements and an understanding of what needs to be provided to clearly demonstrate actual reimbursable cost on a project of this magnitude.

The team worked closely with the contractor to ensure the expectations and requirements of the client were met, ensuring a smooth and efficient processing of the contractor’s reimbursable progress payment claims.


Project audit services relating to cost reimbursable work and claim assessment services on the construction services contract.

The outcome

The work conducted by Aquenta resulted in a greater understanding of the contract and the contract requirements by all parties. This resulted in a significant reduction in the volume of unresolved issues as the process proceeded throughout the construction phase of the project.

Image courtesy of GLNG Operations Pty Ltd