Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail

Inland Rail is a vital piece of infrastructure offering a road competitive rail service based on transit time, price and reliability between Melbourne and Brisbane. The 1700km project includes sections of new track combined with upgrades to existing track infrastructure and structures to enable the movement of larger freight volumes between Australia’s major cities and ports.

Our involvement

Aquenta was initially engaged by Parsons Brinkerhoff to provide estimating and risk management services to ARTC for the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Alignment Study during 2009 2010. In 2014 ARTC requested that Parsons Brinkerhoff/Aquenta team be engaged to provide option analysis and estimating services.


First principles estimates, risk analysis services, cost benefit analysis and escalated cost plus cash flow forecasts against the proposed delivery schedule.

The outcome

Aquenta provided services to ARTC through several stages of the project in two tranches over a 5 year period and our detailed knowledge of the project and client’s objectives helped us to secure subsequent phases.

Image courtesy of ARTC