Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Coal Export Terminal

The Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) received approval from the New South Wales Government to build and operate a third coal export terminal in the Port of Newcastle. The shiploading facilities were built to the west of the existing Kooragang shiploaders, with the new stockyards and rail facilities to the southwest of Kooragang Coal Terminal. The Hunter River was deepened to allow ships to reach the planned berths to the west of the Kooragang loader.

Our involvement

In December 2007, Aquenta was engaged by Connell Hatch to evaluate alternate designs and to assist with the preparation of the budget estimate and for the definitive estimate for Stage 1.

In June 2008, Aquenta started preparing the take off of civil, structure, mechanical and electrical works for the Feasibility Study of Stage 2.


Quantity surveying, evaluate alternative design feasibility study take-off.

The outcome

The client had a detailed and robust estimate of the costs for Stages 1 and 2 of the project to increase output capacity of the port to 53 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). Stage 1 with an export capacity of 30 Mtpa has been operating since May 2010 with Stage 1 due for completion at the end of 2012.