North Strathfield Rail Underpass

North Strathfield Rail Underpass project is part of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor program of works to separate the freight rail network from the passenger network. This involved the construction of a rail underpass to the north of North Strathfield Station, the re-construction of Concord West Station and the construction of over 3km of track and associated rail systems.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged as the Independent Estimator for the competitive alliance procurement solution on the project. As the Independent Estimator, our team was split into two and embedded in the two tenderers teams, to validate and verify that the tenders conformed to TfNSW’s requirements and offered value for money to the NSW taxpayers. We also provided strategic procurement advice to assist the client to select the appropriate Alliance partner.


Independent estimator and procurement advisory services.

The outcome

Our teams assisted the client to select an Alliance partner through our verification and validation exercises within the embedded tenderers teams. We were able to accurately compare each bid, as the two Independent Estimator’s teams knew how the tender sums were put together and were able to produce a like for like comparison between the two tenders. We also produced the assessment of the projected outturn cost of the successful tender for TfNSW to use in the board paper seeking approval to proceed with the Alliance.