Northern Sydney Freight Corridor – Peer Review

The Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Program (NSFC Program) is an Australian Government initiative to improve reliability and increase capacity for rail freight traffic on the Main North Line between North Strathfield and Broadmeadow, Newcastle. The Main North Line is part of the East Coast interstate freight rail network operating between Melbourne and Brisbane. Under the Nation Building Program the Australian Government funded the feasibility study, initial design and planning work for the NSFC Program.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged to undertake a peer review of Transport Construction Authority (TCA)’s budget on behalf of the NSW Government. Our team was required to ensure the budget was reflective of the proposed work and to negotiate any changes to the budget with TCA, prior to any formal submission to Infrastructure Australia to seek additional funds.


Budget peer review.

The outcome

After some difficult conversations, TCA’s budget was reduced to our assessment and the overall funding for the project was approved. The program of work has progressed to the delivery phase.