Sunraysia Community Health Service – Stage 2

Sunraysia Community Health Service Stage 2 provides Mildura with a newly built extension to the existing facility including consultant/treatment rooms, allied health interview rooms, therapy assessment and rehabilitation areas, palliative care, aged care services, clinics and community facilities including a main public entry, waiting and reception areas.

Our Involvement

Aquenta was engaged to undertake full cost planning and cost management services for the Sunraysia Community Health Service including the preparation of cost estimates at keys stages, assistance with the tender process and recommendation. The project is currently underway and the Aquenta post contract services include the monthly provision and reporting costs, progress recommendations and various assessments. As part of the process Aquenta will review and report on the Client Direct Costs undertaken to provide an anticipated project final cost.


Cost Management Services.

The outcome

The project is currently under construction.

Image courtesy of Sunraysia Community Health Services