Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication

As a major arterial road from the suburbs into the city of Darwin, this highway is expected to receive increased traffic volumes from 22,000 vehicles per day at present, to 40,000 in the year 2030. Increasing this capacity is a priority of the NT Government, a project made complicated by a constrained road corridor and various unsuitable ground conditions.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged by SMEC to review the CAPEX for a consolidated concept design on this major arterial road expansion project. Cost calculations took in to account allowances for construction timeframe constraints and the requirement to keep the existing road operational throughout the project.


Cost estimating.

The outcome

The work conducted by Aquenta resulted in a robust and reliable costing delivered on schedule to the Northern Territory Government. The accurate costing enabled the government to have a greater understanding of the scope of risk involved with the project.

Image courtesy of Department of Infrastructure, NT