UTS Sports Hall

The new Multi-Purpose Sports Hall at UTS involved the creation of a sub-surface sports facility in the heart of the UTS Campus and ground level rainforest gardens on the strengthened and waterproofed roof slab.

Our involvement

Aquenta was engaged to provide initial cost plans and manage the inception of the design in 2009. We developed cost plans throughout the entire design process to ensure budget was maintained, evaluated tenders and delivered post contract management services until project completion in 2010.  The project required management of two challenging aspects, firstly the structure was completely submerged so groundworks were difficult to complete due to wet weather. Secondly, the roof garden placed on the top deck resulted in detailed waterproofing problems and strengthening, all of which were overcome.


Full Quantity Surveying Services.

The outcome

The project was successfully completed on-schedule and within budget in 2010. The Client benefited from our involvement from inception to completion as we were aware of any early risks and was able to monitor these during construction.  The building is currently operating successfully and has won several high profile architectural awards. We’re delighted to have been an integral part of the project team.

Image courtesy of Brian Steele at PTW Architects