• Quantity Surveying Services

  • Quantity surveying, or cost management as it is becoming more commonly referred to, is a core discipline for our team. Regardless of the type and nature of the project, we have the established processes and experienced people to provide rigorous and innovative quantity surveying services.

    The ability to accurately measure, estimate and manage construction costs from the earliest stages of feasibility, through design development and construction, and into the operational phase underpins the long term success of any proposed property or infrastructure project. We provide a clear focus that maximises commercial outcomes and your return on investment. This focus is underpinned by over 60 years of experience across a wide and diverse range of contracting and construction methods. Our team of quantity surveyors, cost managers, estimators, contract managers and project specialists provide traditional quantity surveying and cost management services that will secure and safeguard your project outcomes.

    Our quantity surveying services include:

    Cost Planning & Estimating

    Predicting and controlling costs is essential for all our clients when planning and undertaking capital projects and programs. Our approach to cost planning and estimating is forward looking and client-focused, creating and sustaining value and encouraging service innovation.

    Fundamental to our approach is ‘designing to a price’ rather than ‘pricing a design’. We work to understand the relationship and inter-dependability between key cost drivers which allows us to advise where cost savings in design can be incorporated in order to achieve financial cost certainty. We establish a collaborative working relationship with the design consultants to ensure that they fully appreciate and understand the potential restrictions placed on them by the available budget. This approach to cost planning safeguards our client’s commercial interests at every stage of the design, procurement and construction process.

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    Engineering Services (M&E) Cost Planning & Estimating

    Engineering services often comprises a substantial portion of a project’s construction cost; on some projects this can account for up to 40% of the project budget. It is imperative that a rigorous cost assessment and review of the proposed engineering services components is undertaken as part of the cost planning process.

    Our team of technical experts deliver the full range of engineering cost planning services across mechanical, electrical, communications and data, and hydraulic installations, providing the independent level of scrutiny and transparency that many clients require.

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    Maintenance Cost Estimating & Advice

    Working with the proposed maintenance and operation regime, we develop a detailed build-up of the individual elements that comprise the maintenance and operation for an installation, and forecast costs for each of the elements over five, 10 or 20 year horizons.

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    Strategic Procurement Advisory

    The basis of any successful project is an objective approach to procurement from start to finish. Good procurement strategy should encompass properly value-managed design, contractor selection, tender process and allocation of risk to the party that is best placed to deal with it. We work with clients to implement a procurement strategy that achieves ‘best buy’ from the market, maximising the benefits of a properly value managed design.

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    Bills of Quantities & Schedules of Quantities

    Bills and Schedules of Quantities are an integral and critical component for achieving a successful project outcome when tendering projects and are a core skill within our quantity surveying team.

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    Tender Evaluation, Analysis & Negotiation

    We are highly skilled and experienced in evaluating and analysing tenders for buildings and infrastructure projects. We provide a detailed analysis of all pricing information; identify specific inclusions, exclusions and contractual departures within each tender submission; and undertake a process of normalisation to ensure that each tender is assessed and compared on a like-for-like basis. We can also conduct or participate in the tender interview process and final negotiations, assisting in contractors section.

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    Contract Document Preparation

    Where standard form contracts are proposed, we have the technical ability to draft special conditions to address specific client and project related risks to ensure they are appropriately allocated to the party who is best placed to manage and control them, giving all parties the best opportunity of avoiding disputes. We ensure any relevant correspondence and documentation that has formed part of the tender process is built into the Contract Documents, referenced appropriately and placed in a suitable and appropriate level of document hierarchy.

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    Contract Administration, Progress Claims Assessments, and Assessment of Claims & Variations

    We provide comprehensive post-contract / construction phase administration services to clients across buildings and infrastructure markets. We provide these services under a variety of contract types including public private partnerships, construction management, ECI, GMP and traditional lump sum contract arrangements. Our services include interim progress claim assessments, variation assessments (including negotiation as required), claims assessment including Loss and Expense and Extensions of Time, interim financial reporting and ‘cost to complete’ analysis, and cash flow analysis and reporting.

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    Final Account Preparation & Agreement

    Our team is highly skilled in the negotiation of final accounts, including the resolution of any outstanding monetary or time related claims. Where possible, we take a proactive approach to post-contract cost management, forecasting and agreeing the Final Account prior to the completion of the works to ensure there are no hidden surprises for our clients.

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    Insurance Valuations & Assessments

    Taking into consideration legislative and best practice developments since initial construction, we assess the true cost of replacing the asset in contemporary form, considering separately the cost of demolition, redesign and inflation over the period from the insurance date to the date of reconstruction.

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    Lifecycle Costing & Whole of Life Cost Assessments

    Bringing together the skills and experience of the entire project team, we analyse and compare alternative construction materials, methods and usage inputs over the life of the project across all elements involved in the ongoing maintenance and use of the built item. This includes a diverse range of elements from cleaning through to energy use.

    All costs are calculated in Net Present Value to give a useful comparison. Future costs are calculated using a long term Government Bond Rate average. A sensitivity analyses is conducted on potential cost variations. Cost variations selected are increases and decreases in capital expenditure and rising and falling Bond Rates.

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    Tax Depreciation & Capital Allowance Estimates

    As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they depreciate in value. Taking either a Prime Cost or Diminishing Value approach, we will assess, in consultation with your taxation advisors, the claimable amounts that can, over time, total a significant proportion of the original cost of the asset.

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    Due Diligence & Business Case Support Services

    We offer a range of Due Diligence services for our Clients as part of the procurement, sale, purchase and ongoing operation of built assets.

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