• Who we are

    A collective vision of an extraordinary future

    As a team, we inspire and connect people to deliver and maximise value in infrastructure and property assets. We are committed to working as an integral part of your team; harnessing our collective knowledge, experience and drive to deliver results through extraordinary collaborations. We’re passionate about what we do; individually and collectively we share a defined vision to build extraordinary partnerships with the very best talent from around the world. Together we will build infrastructure and property assets that impact people’s lives in a positive way.

  • Integrated Project Services

    Integrated Thinking Delivers Cohesive Results

    Our approach to service provision is completely customised. We don’t pre-package and pre-empt our Client’s needs, we have a conversation first. Once we understand the project detail and demands, we’ll work to bring together people, services and skills that integrate and interface with your business in a way that suits you.

  • Our Markets

    Maximising Value, Managing Risk and Delivering Results

    Every week we’re inspired by the opportunity to help you address your challenges. We love nothing more than working together across multiple markets to find new and innovative ways to resolve an issue and leverage new opportunity.

  • Our Projects

    A Strong Track Record of Exceptional Outcomes

    The projects we’ve worked on are brilliant examples of what we can achieve together. The Aquenta Way underpins every extraordinary outcome. For us that means staunch methodologies, technical think tanks, quality relationships, mutually beneficial partnerships and an approach which seeks to challenge assumptions in order to deliver results.

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    Extraordinary Collaborations Have to Start Somewhere

    We believe in the power of true and integrated collaboration. So whatever the opportunity and wherever in the world you’re looking to do business, we have the people and the resources to work with you. Find out how much more we can achieve together.

  • Extraordinary Collaborations – Creating the World We Live In

  • At Aquenta, we connect people who create the world we live in. In our business, and in yours, that means providing integrated project services that streamline, safeguard and add value to property and infrastructure projects and assets throughout Australasia and Asia.

    We work together with you to listen, interpret, understand and challenge your needs to deliver a tailored service offering which is resolute in delivering extraordinary outcomes as a team. In doing this, we build extraordinary partnerships with multidisciplinary experts across the globe.

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